Organic Agriculture Volunteer
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30.12.2020 00:00
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Zahraničie kraj,
okres Zahraničie,
Huanchaco (Peru),

Organic Agriculture Volunteer

The main goal of this project is to help improve the quality of life for the people of Sicchezpampa, assisting with tasks relating to fair trade initiatives and organic agriculture. You will be helping with the cultivation of crops and the facilitation of farms located in the lovely small town of Sícchezpampa, located in the hills of Ayabaca Province.The lifestyle here is based on an Incan socio-economic model of community strength. This village and the community are both good representations of the way indigenous people lived prior to colonial contact. The farmers in this village need volunteers to aid in day to day operations as climate conditions and lack of funding for employees make their work difficult. Volunteering here also contributes to the awareness and promotion of sustainable social development, a vital element in this remote mountain community. If you are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern day society and seek an experience where you have a sense of accomplishment every day then this opportunity is perfect for you. Due to weather conditions in the area, this role is only available in the dry season, from June to December. Please note that all volunteer positions are also available as Internships. With this add-on you will receive an extra level of mentorship and where necessary all appropriate liaison with your academic institution to ensure compliance with internship placement requirements. Please see our separate internships listing for further in-depth information or check out our website at

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Manažment a organizácia, Miestna komunita, Zahraničné dobrovoľníctvo, Životné prostredie,

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Organizovanie a plánovanie práce, Prezentovanie, Schopnosť vyjadrovania sa, Tímová práca, Analyzovanie a riešenie problémov, Rozhodovanie, Pružnosť v myslení (adaptabilita, flexibilita, imp, Tvorivosť (kreativita), Osobnostný rozvoj, Komunikácia v cudzom jazyku, Environmentálna (prírodovedná) gramotnosť, Manuálna zručnosť, Samostatnosť, Vyjednávanie,

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